Welcome to Twist of Vegan. I'm Kajsa (pronounced "sasha"): chef, veggie lover, mom, plant freak, travel fanatic, and street food geeker.

I started cooking professionally 35 years ago, and have been a chef and recipe developer ever since. As a long time chef and restaurant owner, my path towards eating more plant-based foods and eventually becoming the head of culinary for a vegan restaurant group has been a crazy ride. My goal is to create recipes that combine what I have always loved to cook, with everything I have learned about cooking with plants. A collection of simple comfort food recipes that keep our bodies and planet healthy.

Who will like these recipes?

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Take a Trip With Me

I want us to cook together things that are new and exciting, but that also echo your own feelings of comfort and nostalgia. I will walk you through my spice cabinets and help you dive into some of the more complex layering of flavors for things like curries and fermentations. We'll shop the markets and look at new vegetables and ingredients. There is no ego here. I welcome questions and dialogue.

Let's jump in and get started!
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In Full Disclosure

Some of my posts contain Amazon affiliate links. As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases. These items are ONLY items that I stand behind and use myself. Although I will always advocate for doing shopping in local markets, I also want to be conscious of the fact that many people do not live in large cities like Los Angeles, where we can hop over to the nearby Nigerian or Korean market or find vegan products a plenty. Some of the ingredients I highlight are a quick shop on Amazon- whether those items are unavailable to you or your time is precious. My goal is to protnote exploration of spices and flavors that may be new to you. I offer these links as a way to help you get there.

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