Peruvian Pepper Pineapple Sauce

I love to introduce people to the magic of Peruvian chiles. Although less known, they have just as much versatility as the Mexican chiles that have become so commonplace to us. Peruvian chiles are fruity and vibrant and I love to pair them with citrus and other high acid fruits, like pineapple. Try this simple condiment using Rocoto Chile with anything you would eat salsa on. This is my favorite condiment for the Pan Fried Plantain Cakes recipe.

bowl of rocoto pineapple salsa

What are Peruvian Peppers?

Aji (Ah-hee), the common name for chile peppers in Peru, come in many colors and heat levels. The Inca diet was heavy in these local chiles and so these flavors have become iconic in Peruvian cooking. In Modern Peru, there are dozens of aji peppers used throughout the cuisine. One of the most used chile peppers in Peru, Aji Amarillo, can be used in any recipe where you want to highlight Peruvian flavors. Aji Rocoto, which we use here, looks similar to a bell pepper, but packs a punch of heat. The reddish/orange peppers are usually cooked in vinegar and water to mellow slightly before using. I love to use the puréed versions of the different aji peppers, as they can be quickly transformed into incredible marinades and salsas. Alternate between any of the ajis to make this recipe.

Check out these different Aji Peppers, any one of them is a good add to your hot sauce collection


bowl of rocoto pineapple salsa

Peruvian Pepper Pineapple Sauce

A bright and vibrant hot sauce condiment highlighting the versatility of Peruvian peppers.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cuisine Peruvian
Servings 2 cups



  • Make sure that the pineapple is drained and squeezed out to ensure there is as little liquid as possible.  
  • Place the drained pineapple, vegan mayonnaise, aji rocoto, and squeeze of lime in a mixing bowl.  
  • Mix together until all of the ingredients are well incorporated.  
  • Store refrigerated until ready to use.  This condiment will keep for 5 days in the refrigerator.
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